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By the end of 2018, Society of Innovative Minds is going to setup "Technology and Innovation center" in various colleges to create a platform to the students where they can scale their ideas into prototypes. Notifications for registration will be launched in the month of December 2018


Society of Innovative Minds created a platform to the students where they can showcase their talent and gain practical experience by building a vehicle.
Following are the Events organised

About Us

The motto of Society of Innovative Minds is to expose students to the real-world situations by empowering their ideas and fine tuning their technical skills in such a way that they can tackle all time scenarios. Society of Innovative Minds offer workshops for the students coming from various engineering colleges/universities to enhance their design, fabrication and mechanical skills, motivating them to burn some rubber.

Pro Karting Championship is the national level events conducted by SIM INDIA to strengthen the challengeable skills of the students. We keep track of every individual who attends the workshop/event and support the team or the individual who are interested in participating student motorsports and other projects by mentoring them in every important aspect both morally and technically. SIM INDIA is here to nurture the goals of students/participants providing them the best platform to showcase their talent in the planet.

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